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Kylie Leane
Author. Illustrator. Cat Lady.

Kylie Leane is the author of The Dynasty of Earth and Stars and its expanded universe.
She lives in a little cottage, with her pet cats, Winter and Charcoal, and enjoys spending time in her garden, going for long walks, watching anime, playing a good game, and curling up by the fire in winter.
She hopes to someday expand KML Publishing – for making beautiful books and bringing stories to life is one of her greatest passions in life. Being dyslexic does cause some trouble, and self-publishing is one mountain after another, but the reward of telling stories is worth all the hassle. 

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Gwenneth Leane

My writing life is like a rainbow cake – layer upon layer.

The first layer was compiling the church news-letter. It was illustrated, and newsy.

No church news-letter was ever like it.

Then came the journalistic layer. Great heights were reached with an article in the Women’s Weekly and working as a journalist for the local newspaper, The Transcontinental.  There were farming and gardening magazines included in that layer.

The biography layer came next.  Three biographies were self-published. Several other short biographies written. It is so interesting and necessary to record people’s stories for history’s sake.

Like cream between the layers I practised the art of short story writing.

The present layer is blogging. I have a blog site and it covers my writing life from short stories, journalistic articles, photography, and anything that demands to be written and read.

I love this writing life.

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Bronwyn Battye

Bronwyn Battye was raised on a wheat and sheep farm on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, where she began writing poetry. She married Alan Battye in 1974, and they have three sons. Very early on in her marriage, Bronwyn has had a real passion for writing.

She started doing correspondence courses with Creative Christian enterprises, as well as editing and proofreading courses through Lifestyle Learning Direct - School of Writing of NSW.

During this time, she honed her skills by writing and contributing articles in different magazines, newspapers, as well as publishing poetry in anthologies.

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