Kylie Leane
Author. Illustrator. Cat Lady.

Kylie Leane is the author of Chronicles of the Children and its expanded universe.
She lives in a little cottage, with her pet cat, and enjoys spending time in her garden, going for long walks, watching anime, playing a good game, and curling up by the fire in Winter.
She hopes to someday expand KML Publishing – for making beautiful books and bringing stories to life is one of her greatest passions in life. Being dyslexic does cause some trouble, and self-publishing is one mountain after another, but the reward of telling stories is worth all the hassle. 

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Gwenneth Leane

My writing life is like a rainbow cake – layer upon layer.

The first layer was compiling the church news-letter. It was illustrated, and newsy.

No church news-letter was ever like it.

Then came the journalistic layer. Great heights were reached with an article in the Women’s Weekly and working as a journalist for the local newspaper, The Transcontinental.  There were farming and gardening magazines included in that layer.

The biography layer came next.  Three biographies were self-published. Several other short biographies written. It is so interesting and necessary to record people’s stories for history’s sake.

Like cream between the layers I practised the art of short story writing.

The present layer is blogging. I have a blog site and it covers my writing life from short stories, journalistic articles, photography, and anything that demands to be written and read.

I love this writing life.

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