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The Journey Begins...



With the fate of a collapsing world hanging in the balance, battle-weary Commander Zinkx Maz embarks on a quest to the distant land of Pennadot to find the Key of legend...or die trying.


No one knows what the Key is and what it unlocks - only that it may be their last chance of survival. Zinkx joins forces with a woman escaping a life of slavery and together they must uncover the secrets left behind by an ancient race, before the horror of the trenches that has followed Zinkx destroys everyone he crosses paths with as it hunts him down.



Caught up in the mayhem is none other than the Prince of Pennadot, along with his troubled ward, Skyeola Mazaki. The Prince is easy prey, trapped in a web of intrigue, with a greater monster lurking in his own court. Does Skyeola know enough of the ancient secrets to save them both? Or is he being used as a pawn to topple the throne?

Author & Illustrator

Kylie Leane

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