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The tides have changed.

Beneath the burning-sea, a voice is calling.

Who will follow it?

Separated from the Lawless Child and pursued by a monstrous Ki’rayh, Jarvis and his companions—the Messenger Hunter Titus and Kattamont prince Aaldryn, host to the volatile wind-god, Khamsin—are in a desperate race across the expanses of the burning-sea to reach the House of Flames before Coltarian erupts.

For Human-machine hybrid Jarvis, his mission to deliver the vital Map-piece to the Key takes precedence over all else…except when his will is overridden by his protector bot, programmed to respond to every distress signal. With the cries from the deep impossible to ignore, can his companions keep Jarvis from jeopardising his mission, his sanity, and his life?  

Jarvis has left his beloved Ki’b behind on the Lawless Child—safe with Denvy, Clive, and Penny…or so he believes. But, without the advantage of Khamsin’s winds, the misfit crew of the Lawless Child is forced to fight for their lives as every Pride in the area homes in on the ship of the Outlaw Queen Zafiashid.

Can Denvy, the legendary Gold Lion, face his fears to save those he loves, or will he have to add their names to the scores of deaths he holds himself responsible for?

Will the terrifying secrets of the

burning-sea consume them all?

Author & Illustrator

Kylie Leane

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