The Maverick's Roundup

By Bruce and Gwen Leane

The story of one man's journey from toolbox to pulpit. 


The Spirit Prevails

The Life of Clara Coulthard Johnson

Gwenneth Leane

The Spirit Prevails is an Odyssey of a women who was born of parents from two ancient races.

Ireland and Yunkuntjatjara.

This is her story.

Letters to Anne

A Devotional

Gwenneth Leane

Refresh the heart each day by the short anecdotes within the pages of Letters to Anne.

New mercies shower the reader as they meditate on the beauty and intimacy of Jesus in God.

Letters to Anne_Cover.jpg

Rainbows Across the Outback

An Outback Australian Anthology
By Gwenneth Leane

'Rainbows Across the Outback' is a collection of short stories and poems written by Gwenneth Leane.

For many years, Gwenneth lived in Port Augusta, rubbing shoulders with the people who make their homes and livelihood in the outback. Gwenneth has travelled extensively through the remote regions, as an Opal miner, and as a tourist to the APY Lands.

Gwenneth grew to love the outback, to appreciate its beauty as well as its harshness. Admiration grew for those who live and work in the remote regions.

'Rainbows Across the Outback' is written about Gwenneth's experience, the characters, the courage and bravery of the inhabitants she met.

'Rainbows Across the Outback' is a tribute to the pioneers who settled in the remote regions, taming the land and making a living . Gwenneth dedicates this anthology to the pioneers and those who came after them and built on their foundations.