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The tale of a Family linked through Time and Space, and their journey to save a collapsing world as an ancient foe begins to move amongst lands and sky-sea once more.
They have but one hope,
A Key.

A Key to the Towers.
The world machine.

But will they find each other in time.
Or will their world fall apart - forever.

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I am currently in the process of rewriting and editing what once was Book One: Key and Book Two: Protectors of my original series "Chronicles of the Children" - updating the books and bringing everything in line with just how much I - as a writer - have matured and grown in both my style and understanding of myself, the universe I created and the characters within it. 

After reaching what was going to be the end of Book 3 I decided to reforge the series into a line that Zinkx, our hero, quotes:

"The Dynasty of Earth and Stars" 

Folks always asked me at conventions if my series was aimed at "children" due "children" being in the title - or they'd confuse the series with "Chronicles of Narnia" due to the "chronicles" part. I found this feedback really interesting over the years. 

This wasn't a decision I made lightly. Doing this - reworking two massive books - adding MORE work to not just myself but my amazing editor - going over old ground - I was so worried! This had to be done right, and it had to be done with a purpose and I had to feel happy about it.

Well - I can safely say - so far the journey has been extremely rewarding. It has given me back my love, my boundless happiness and overwhelming joy of writing and creating. It resparked the little girl in me who loved imagination and was never bogged down by judgement. I no longer feel trapped in a box and I feel incredibly free. I am excited again and I cannot wait to bring you all the beginning of this tale.

A tale I have been trying to tell for a long time.

For now - if you'd like to read any of my work to get started you can take a look at "The Northland Rebellion" which is a subseries to "The Dynasty of Earth and Stars" set in the same universe. Its a big world, and there are many stories to be told - so - let's get this journey started.

Kylie Margaret Leane 


Author & Illustrator

Kylie Leane

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