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Chronicles of the Children

The tale of a Family linked through Time and their journey to save their collapsing world, as a beast rages terror across lands and sky-sea.
They have but one hope,
A Key.

A Key to the Towers.
The world machine.

But will they find each other in time.
Or will their world fall apart.

Book One: KEY

Zinkx Maz, a young battle-weary Messenger, is searching for the Key. No one knows what they Key is; a guide or a weapon. The only thing known for certain is that it is a chance for survival in the war against the Dragon. Along his journey Zinkx stumbles across a strange Kelib woman and together they are cast upon a voyage over the magnificent expanses of their land and beyond to uncover the secrets of an ancient race.

Book Two: Protectors

Prince Daniel and his entourage, desperate to flee from Steward Zilon, find sanctuary amongst the ordinary folk of Pennadot. As the Long Night falls, and snow covers the land, Daniel comes to realize that his footsteps are haunted by a Sleeper, tracking his every move. The Dragon has taken root within the forests of Pennadot and the very land the prince walks upon has turned against him. Can he abandon his people to the Dragon and run?

Northland Rebellion
Book One: Orphans & Outcasts

After two sol-cycles trapped in a box with a ragtag group of sick and starving children, the golden Kattamont Denvy Maz is finally free. Now, with the help of the Messenger Hunter Titus, he is taking his adopted ‘cubs’ home to the desert land of Utillia where they’ll be safe from the impending eruption of Coltarian. But the Twizels’ yoke remains locked around his neck, robbing him of his immortality when he needs it most.

Book Two: The Mirrors of Tikal

Separated from the Lawless Child and pursued by a monstrous Ki’rayh, Jarvis and his companions—the Messenger Hunter Titus and Kattamont prince Aaldryn, host to the volatile wind-god, Khamsin—are in a desperate race across the expanses of the burning-sea to reach the House of Flames before Coltarian erupts.

Gwenneth Leane Collection
Letters to Anne_Cover

Refresh the heart each day by the short anecdotes within the pages of Letters to Anne. New mercies shower the reader as they meditate on the beauty and intimacy of Jesus in God. Letters to Anne was born when Gwenneth shared emails with a friend in need of encouragement. The emails became the basis of Letters to Anne.

The Maverick's Roundup

The Maverick’s Roundup is the story of a man who overcame debilitating illness and poor education to follow the Call of God across three States of Australia. Bruce travelled as an itinerate preacher amongst the Aboriginal camps along the bank of the River Murray as it meandered through South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

The Spirit Prevails

Clara Brady and her brother Ron were born into the Yunkunytjatjara clan. This idyllic life came to an abrupt end when Tom Brady, Clara’s father died. Tom's instructions to the Protector of Aborigines is that Clara and Ron attend a white school. These directives never reached the family until police officers arrived to escort the children to the Mission Home in Oodnadatta, South Australia.

Bronwyn Battye
Soul Stirring Stories

Six Short Soul Stirring Stories for Christian Girls - eight to thirteen years.

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