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19 Years Ago

I'm either going to be called super dedicated to one story or really crazy because I write myself into a loop trying to finish one, long, epic journey.

Recently I've been working on the illustrations for the republication of the re-write of Key. It's all coming along wonderfully, and I'm really excited as the typesetting and formatting is looking beautiful!

One of the reasons why I wanted to go back and rewrite Key was to really go back and reground myself in the originality of the world I had created as a teenager, to find that freshness and childlike wonder of imagination that I had. I didn't care what people thought, I didn't care if the science made sense, I didn't care if it was logically possible or whatever - I just created. Everything was possible with my imagination.

And I really rekindled that wonder. Writing was fun again. I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to do this.

Zinkx, Shanty and the Diabond on the Road to Ninnian
The Road is long, so take a friend

In Chapter 12 of the new rewrite of Key there is a scene in which Zinkx wakes up and really see's Sam for the first time. This scene came from an old picture I drew nineteen years ago that really began to cement Sam's (and the Zaprexes) design down as tiny little green cybernetic fairies.

Here is the 2002 picture I drew. I maybe went a little overboard with his glasses being huge and his antennae being super long - but as you can see, the basics of his character design are all there. At some point along the way I lengthened his ears, shrunk his glasses, and I just recently altered his antennae design.

The new 2021 illustration for Key - 19 years later - I really love greyscale illustrations, and it's probably something I have come to find myself specialising in over the years. I absolutely loved having illustrations in novels and I was determined to make sure I could illustrate mine to the best of my ability and I finally feel like I have reached a point where everything is falling into place to look how I always wished the books to look.

It is taking me awhile, so you know, maybe I'll be sixty by the time I finish this series, but, at least it'll have kept me entertained my whole life! Personally, I think it's pretty amazing to be able to track my progress over the years.

Ever onward my friends!

Ever onward.

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