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Adelaide Supanova!

The last Supanova I attended was way back in 2019.


Haha. I still recall how at the end of 2019 everyone was really hoping 2020 was going to be The Year - and everything would get better - cause yeah! 2020!

Oh, did we never expect 2020.

But, wonderful news, Supanova is returning to Adelaide this weekend - the 12th and 13th of November - and I am super excited to finally be released out into the world again to stand behind my table and see people! Yay!

Also, this year, I have hearing-aids. I'll be able to hear you all when you speak to me. Isn't that great! I think that's great. ^_^

I'll be at Table 23. You'll be able to purchase all my books from me - signed, of course - but I'll also be launching the first installment of The Dynasty of Earth and Stars - Book One: Key.

I am very, very excited to be releasing this book into the wild. I'm really, really happy with how the paperback turned out, and the rewrite really pulled the story into my 'adult-style'. It taught me how to love writing again - and now there is just so much to write.

Thus, I really want to share this story with you all.

Sure, it's easy for me - as the author - to say it's a great story. But I loved writing it. I love the characters and the world and everytime I jump back into the universe, it feels like home.

And I hope, I really -- really hope -- that when you read my books -- that feeling comes across the pages.

I have to thank Elle - my editor - whose support in editing and friendship has been instrumental over the years. Also my parents - my family - this year has been...well...a year...and I am grateful for the support around me. Thanks for listening to me twattle on about stories.

And a HUGE thank you to all of you - my readers - who have continued to stick around through all my ups and downs. Thank you for believing in me. I'll keep on keeping on!

I learnt how incredibly bad my dyslexia was at the beginning of this year when I failed the basic literacy and numeracy exams for university, and to be bluntly honest, I was barely able to get myself out of the room, I was in such a state of shock. I felt physically crushed. I'd just spent several hours staring at things I literally had no concept of, and, I knew -- I knew -- as I carefully walked down the stairs towards the car park -- that it would be impossible to teach myself anything, when I couldn't even grasp the most basic concepts.

It broke me.

I actually wrote a whole novel afterwards - but I don't think it's one I will ever publish. But I did write a book. So, you know...getting broken can sometimes make you build yourself back up again and rediscover yourself.


Here I am.

Back to doing what I do. I create worlds. I write stories. That's what I do.

And I'm really, so grateful that Elle has lent her wisdom - and time - over the years to clean up my spelling and grammar - cause apparently, I don't have any grasp of English at all! But I do love writing! ^_^

Funny how that worked out.

If you can't make it on the weekend to Supanova - not to worry - I will be making Key available on the online store next week, and you'll be able to order a signed paperback directly from me through this website. I'll make a post about it when I make the shop listing live so you can nip over and grab a copy.

Otherwise - I really do hope to see some of you at Supanova on the weekend. Even if you're just heading to the convention for the fun trip, drop by my table and say hello. It'll be so lovely to see your faces after such a long time.

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