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An abundance of Books...

Television kinda bores me.

I've actually been going back and watching Law and Order from the year 2000. That's like a time machine. They're still using typewriters, and floppy disks, and the world seems so vastly different - and yet - eerily the same. Sometimes they cover topics we're still talking about and debating about today. One of the characters, Munch, is a left-wing conspiracy guy and it's weird and confronting to hear him talking about things that I now hear American folk on the right talk about.

I'm actually really looking forward to watching the entire show all the way to 2022 to see how much the show changes as the years go by, and how it plays the politics game that all shows seem to be falling into. I'm expecting heavy influence as the internet becomes a thing and floppy disks vanish.

As an Australian, American politics is weird and alien, but I try to understand it because it influences all media to a massive degree. Which can grow wearisome. One countries divided opinions shouldn't have such an alienating effect on other places across the world.

We've got enough problems in Aussie-land, we're not really needing to inherit other countries problems too.

Anyway, all of this is me leading into 'The Rings of Power' that started on Amazon Prime the other day. For months now the narrative I have been seeing has been so negative, downright brutal, and sometimes really disrespectful.

I get it.

I don't like being called horrible things just because I dislike a show, or a movie.

I don't like the butchering that is being done to beloved franchise of my childhood.

I think a lot of writing of today's television is hollow, shallow and cheap. We've lost so much of what stories - well - stories.

What tugged on human's heart-strings, the emotional journey's we embarked upon...

Funnily enough, that's why The Rings of Power is interesting to me. I'm curious to see how they do it - how are they going to go getting me emotionally invested in an epic, grand tale I know a lot about. So, what won me over in the first episode was actually a conversation between young Elrond and Galadriel, in which the two of them were discussing - in some very heavy dialogue - the idea of evil, and if you cannot see evil, is evil still around, waiting to rise back up again. I was really, really impressed that the two actors managed to pull off such a heavy set of dialogue, and engrossed me in it.

I LOVE long boring conversations, and politics, in television shows.

Soooooo -