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Book Signing

Yesterday KML Publishing had a book signing with our wonderful author, Gwenneth Leane. I loved what she said: "I feel like we should be doing this with more people, to celebrate." Well, alas, we could not.

But, I still feel a great sense of accomplish when I get to see a writer sign their book. When I'm at conventions and I'm watching another fellow author chat to a fan as they sign a book, it makes me so very, very happy for them. There is a lot of joy in the creation of books - and then to finally sign a name, hand it to a reader, it is a accumulation of a great deal of work.

So, congratulations Gwen.


If you're interested in a signed copy of Gwenneth Leane's books, you can pick up a copy here at KML Publishing. You can also find them at online bookstores for non-signed versions.

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