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Challenging Yourself

So, I am four days into the #ChloeTingChallenge - technically the 2WK Shred Challenge - though I have had to modify if considerably due to my fibromyalgia. I very quickly learnt it was simply impossible with my level of pain/fatigue and the roll-on effect that happens when I "over-do" something, that it was ridiculous of me and VERY counterproductive to attempt ALL of the workouts. I'd just destroy myself in the process. There is a level of pacing that must be taken into account when you have fibromyalgia, and after so many years with fibro, you get good at learning pacing.

While, yes, I got a bit upset that I could not do what I wanted to do, I decided that I would still be positive and do what I could do with what I do have.

That was, after all, why I had started this anyway.

I wanted to do something positive for myself.

I could bemoan the fact that I was getting weaker, that I was struggling more and more with simple household tasks, that my knees were giving out on me, or I could work towards a positive change.

If you've ever wanted ten minutes to feel like an eternity just follow the torture of a ten minute ABS workout. I will never understand how anyone can find exercise fun. It is not fun. It is awful and I hate every minute of torture. I lie on my yoga mat laughing hysterically at the pure hatred I have for exercise, but I still do it.

Have to cheer myself on:

"You can do it Kylie. You can do it. You are awesome! You can do it."

Day one, I started out barely able to do any of the exercises. No joke. I was SOOOO bad. A fifteen minute workout video took me forty-five minutes cause I needed so many breaks.

The next day I realised I needed to break up the workouts. One in the morning, one in the evening. There was no way I could attempt two videos one after the other.

That first video - it was easier though, and you know what, it's getting easier as the days go on. I'm getting stronger - I think - I mean, I can actually plank now for five seconds! Yay!

Yeah no, the ABS one, no. That's still torture.

I took a break the next day.

So, now I'm not looking at the Chloe Ting Challenge as being a Two Week thing. I'm looking at incorporating it into my daily exercise routine, making it a part of life. I want to get stronger. I don't want to feel so physically weak anymore - I mean, there is a chance I always will due to my fibro condition, but that doesn't mean I can't work towards strengthening - and I will put myself through the pain, the agony, the frustration, to reach that goal.

But no, it isn't fun.

No one will ever convince me this exercise thing is fun. It is painful and horrible and I hate it. But my life is pain, so, it's not really anything new...

I am proud of myself though. It's taking a lot of effort.

So, hey, if I see any improvements after a month or so, I'll let you all know.

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