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Do Writer's Dream of Distant Planets?

So, last night I had a dream.

This isn’t anything unusual. For as long I can remember I’ve had incredible, epic dreams that sometimes tell like grand fantasy stories, or amazing sci-fi movies. Sometimes I take part in these adventures as a character/player, and sometimes I am just an observer.

Last night I was an observer to a really great sci-fi story. Fully fleshed out characters, settings and plot all rolled into a dream.

It took place on a distant, desolate planet. Uninhabitable. Toxic storms constantly bombarded the shelters of a terraforming crew, sent ahead by a long-hall cryogenic colony ship.

Kimberly Shaw was head scientist on this project. A woman in her early forties, already going silver. She and her crew were fiercely fighting to get the terraforming project up and running.

They had to.

The lives of everyone on the colony ship depended on it.

Early reports on the planet had been wrong. It was not as safe and habitable as they had expected.

They were having setback after setback, crew kept dying – one by one.

I – as an observer – watched this all happen as though I was filming it. Kimberly desperately trying to save her crew, her project, and somewhere-far-far away – those on the colony ship.

They continue to fail.

And fail more.

A keep failing.

Until there is only five left alive.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Youtuber – there you a future version of a youtuber there as well, his name is Hale, documenting everything. He and Kimberly get along really well since he’s about the same age as her son.

So, it gets to the point where the terraforming project has failed, they’re trapped in the science pod, losing air, and toxic fumes are gradually leaking in. I watched in horror as one by one, they decide to end their lives instead of waiting for - what they kept describing - would be a very painful death.

Kimberly's second in command, a lovely elderly gentleman was badly wounded in a previous accident, and he’s the first to go. The doctor – Jacob Simmons – putting him to sleep.

They all choose a way to die.