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Gaming Girl

My first introduction to gaming was through games like Boulder Dash, and Duke Nukem. I was so sure our first computer was a Commodore 64 - though I'd have to run that past my brother. Eventually, we ended up with a couple disks full of a 1000 games, okay, so it was either 1000 or 100 - I can't remember. It was enough that I doubt we ever played them all. My favourite was always Duke Nukem. Which is amusing now, if you know the franchise at all.

On one of our trips to Adelaide my older brother and I had saved up enough money to buy an Nintendo 64, and I paid for this out of coins. Yes. The lady behind the counter had to physically count my coins. Today I can just feel her pain and frustration at this action, but back then, I was so excited. We were actually buying a gaming station. WOW.

The first time I ever felt that rush of gratification that comes from winning a boss fight was when I was sitting in my brother's room, alone, constantly losing to Bowser in the final level of Mario. I played it over, and over, and over - again, and again, and again - until I won.

The sense of immense achievement that I - Kylie Leane - had WON A GAME - was enormous. My brother hadn't helped me. I did it.

I have never forgotten that experience. I'm pretty sure that's the day I became a Gamer Girl in my heart.

My love for RPG's began when my older brother upgraded his computer with a new graphics card and received a copy of the Elder Scrolls Morrowind game with the card. Here, let's just hand out free games with graphic cards. Do they still do that?