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Happy Adoption Day Charcoal

A year ago I welcomed this big goof-ball into my life. He's a very kind soul. A big, soft teddy who just loves to eat, loves to sleep and loves a walk outside on nice days.

We've had our problems, he's got an obsession with food, and eating, and food...and more food...and food. Obviously this is pretty serious for an inside cat, I have to really watch his weight - but he LOVES to eat and he will eat anything.

He has chewed his way through many cords.

Thankfully he is growing out of this.

He only drinks out the tap - or a running fountain - or a cup that I have filled up to drink - my cup - MINE Charcoal, that's MY CUP.

But really it's all worth it for the companionship. A pet might not fill the void entirely, but a pet helps with filling a house a little. After my elder cat, Aislinn, passed away - my house felt so very, very empty and bringing Charcoal into my life helped with that loneliness.

He was very sick with the cat-flu after bringing him home from the RSPCA. He hid under my bed for ages, the poor sweetie.