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I recommend the Gym

It has now been nine weeks since I started The Gym.

The decision to do so was an enormous one, because it was - frankly - a lot of money - and money is kinda precious at the moment.

I'll be real with you all, it's been unbelievably stressful juggling my already tight budget around to fit the rising cost of living.

And then -

I decided to join the gym, and get a personal trainer.

But something had to change.

I have always talked about joining a gym, and getting a personal trainer - at some point - some time - in the far and distant future, when I can afford it.

I was feeling trapped by my lack of finances, my inability to get a job due to my health, and the spiral just whirled about, around and around, and I couldn't see a way out - and my pain just compounded the whole thing.

I'd made the huge decision to come off my pain medication due to the side effects it was causing, and I actually did come off them, entirely.

It was an huge thing to do, and I was really proud of myself. I am back on them again, but now I know I am capable of coming off them entirely.

I was just not prepared for what the gym was about to do...hahahah...oh gosh...


Something had to change in my life. Nine weeks ago, I was...a bit of a wreak...

I mean, I usually have my ups and downs, but this year has just been - a year.

So, I signed up to the gym and decided everything else would just work itself out around me.


Yeah. It was stressful. I'm not going to lie.

I'm really grateful for my family. This year has been...a year...but it has also shown me how blessed I am.