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Indie Book Review: Colliding Worlds - The Sun and Moon

The best way I can describe the reading experience of Colliding Worlds - The Sun and Moon by D. Henry, is that to me, it was eerily similar to watching a good, twenty-five episode portal-fantasy anime.

The story follows Jayden Lugian and several of his friends, and in an interesting way, also Jayden's family, as they're caught up in what very much is a colliding of worlds.

As our window into this story, I appreciated Jayden as a character. I often end up discarding young adult books due to a dislike of overly self-centred and whiny main characters. Jayden, however, was the perfect balance of having just enough teenage agast, mixed with sarcasm, and appreciation for his friends and family. Indeed, by the end of the book, I very much felt the sorrow at the closing of one of the subplots that I presume had been working its way through the story and I was grateful that D.Henry had taken the time to expand upon the relationships/friendships surrounding Jayden so that the cathartic release could be accomplished.

The "other world" that D.Henry created is very interesting, with its own government system, laws and magic, and I loved the detail in the world-building. It didn't go overboard, but it was there to be expanded upon in the imagination.

There was this one thing I didn't expect - a character called Mackenzie - having a bigger role than I first thought. Very sneaky. I like it when books make me go away thinking about a character, pondering what their backstory could have been. So, hey, very cool Dean, very cool.

I know how much work goes into writing and publishing a book. So I'll always praise indie authors for the immense amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. I cannot comment on spelling and grammar, as I'm sure many of you know already - my skills in that area are hilariously questionable - but there were some typesetting issues that did bother me, these are more than likely my own personal taste in book styling though. ^_^;

Colliding Worlds - The Sun and Moon is an interesting read, if you're into the young adult fantasy, looking for something with a male protagonist who feels genuine, and just want a good story then D.Henry has the book for you.

Also, I do believe Book Two is due out soon, so, that's totally a bonus!

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