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Indie Book Review: Into the Mists Trilogy

There are several things that struck me while reading the Into the Mists Trilogy by Serene Conneeley. One just how incredibly detailed and intricate the web of relationships Serene was crafting across the three books, and how beautifully she wrote impactful scenes – some seemingly mundane like a dinner or a breakfast – and yet imparted into that scene was dialogue that revealed a characters inner-self. The story itself – from my perspective – is very much one about grief and healing. The story follows Carlie, having suffered devastating loss, and being forced to move to another country, to live with a relative she does not know, nor does she feel she’ll even like. Serene does an incredible job building up this new, uncomfortable world that is thrust upon Carlie. You really feel her sense of disconnection, but it is that disconnection that gradually begins reconnection as people come into her life. Carlie is like this gradually unfolding flower that blooms. As someone who journals, it was very much when the journals came into the story that I found myself really connecting to Carlie. I won’t say much else about them, as I don’t want to give away anything, but I appreciated the interesting use of the format. I was really touched by the ending. To be honest, I think it was something I needed reading at the moment, due to just how my life has panned out. So, I appreciated it. Thanks Serene, keep up the wonderful writing!!