Orphans & Outcasts: Chapter Eleven

I hope my gift soothes your anger.

Goodness knows how you can stand drinking the stuff.

It’s horrendous.

Today was a momentous day.

Please do raise a toast, my dear, to our future.

I truly do not know if the energy produced by the rotation of the Northlands will be enough to create the same symphony as the Towers, but the gravity should hold long enough to keep the other lands in orbit stable.

By my predictions the Secondary Realm will begin collapsing some centuries from now. They’ll see the signs—I hope. If we’re not here, to warn them.

It gives us some stability for now.


As much stability as you can have in war.

I am sorry, my love, that no one ever listened to your warnings—about the core, about the danger lurking within.

We just saw a broken world in need of fixing.

You saw the mouse trap.

Private Communications Link.

Utillian Time 5:24AM.

Signal: Strong.

Upload: Completed.

Do you wish to send? Send Beer. Yes. I would just love to defrag eight cartons of beer to my bonding partner thank you…

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