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Orphans & Outcasts: Chapter One

Updated: May 2, 2022

In memory of


Thank you for being my Denvy.

Your tales are missed.


You look like you have had a rough trip, friend?

The burning-sea can be feisty to new travellers, I’ll give you that.

Mayhap you need a beverage, a stool to rest your feet after a weary journey?

I can enlighten you with a tale as you linger.

Nay, it is not a sailor’s tale, friend.

This is a tale of truth and those who sought it,

For the seeking of truth is often the beginning of great heroism.

Our world is but one of many,

Folded over each other,

like sheet upon sheet,

Layer upon layer,

As many as the grains of sands in the burning-sea.

Each unique.

But they all have one thing in common—

The Song of Eternity

Only in some worlds does the Song take shape.

Our world is one of them.

You travel in a special world.

There is nothing left.

Kemet is gone. Kemet is gone. How could we have allowed this to happen?

Had we truly grown so complacent in ourselves that we believed we were invulnerable?

We believed we had tamed a Dragon—(why, why did they not listen to you? Why did they not slay it?)

I sit here, my dearest Sekhmet, surrounded by the mirrors that reflect my failures.

What have we done?

Kemet is gone.

There is nothing left.

Private Communications Link.

Utillian Time 14:19PM.

Signal: Strong.

Upload: Completed.

Do you wish to send?

Aaldryn dashed lightly across the sand, the fine grains roasting his foot-paws despite them never touching the surface for longer than a moment. The wind sang a howling song in his ears as he raced Utillia’s wide skylines. In the distance the bow of the Lawless Child crashed down, cutting its way through the mighty sand-waves like a blade. The Sun, low behind the dunes, was a herald of the coming Twin Winter months. The cooling air from the higher dune shadows tangled between his legs, dulling the heat of the scorching sand. A school of juttfli cackled and jittered around him, their oxygen holes bursting with billows as they leapt sky-seaward in sparkling hues, only to vanish into the mysterious realm below.

These precious moments of freedom were just for him and Khamsin. The wind-god who dwelt within him cherished the running of the burning-sea. In these few scarce hours they were one in mind, lost in the immensity of the horizon.

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