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Saying Goodbye

Yesterday I said goodbye to a precious friend - my pet #cat Aislinn Dreamer. I can still remember the day my mother purchased her for me, which is interesting, since a lot of this time period is actually a blur for me. I had been struggling with depression due to my situation around school and on this particular day my mother and I were at the local shopping mall. Back then, there used to be a pet shop there and they'd often sell animals - displaying them in the windows.

On that day we walked past the pet shop, I just stopped dead in my tracks, staring at this little kitten in the window. She was the smallest kitten in the bunch of rambunctious, crazy kittens. She sat alone, not playing with her siblings, wistfully looking out into the stream of people passing by with a glazed 'dreamy' look on her face.

I fell instantly in love.

My poor mother.

Oh, my dear, dear mother.

Yes. I walked out of that shopping mall with a kitten.

There was a bit of drama when we got home.

Aislinn and I were attached at the hip. She stayed in my room, slept on my pillow, I carried her around with me. She was tiny and could fit on my lap while I typed in bed. She remained a very small, delicate cat - which was good, because she never grew out of sharing my pillow at night.