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Saying Hello

It has been about a month since I said hello to my new companion, and I thought it would be a wonderful time to introduce you all to him as well.

Meet Charcoal.

Also sometimes known as Puss, or Meow, or occasionally mistaken for his brother "Ash". Our first week was a bit turbulent. I adopted him from the RSPCA and they'd had an outbreak of cat flu, and unfortunately, Charcoal came down with it. He was pretty miserable and didn't want to socialise, he would hide under my bed and refuse to come out.

His personality is very shy and skittish - in that sense, well suited to me - but I was dearly missing Aislinn, and I was afraid I was not bonding with him.

However, as he recovered from the cat flu, he began to open up and come out of his shell.

We've ended up becoming total best buds. (Ah, I apologise to those of you on my Facebook Feed for flooding you with an overwhelming amount of cat pictures.)

If Charcoal was a Dragon he would hoard shoes.

Kittens are a delight. They're also chaotic, and cause a lot of mess. (Goodbye quilt...)

But it is all worth it, to be honest, because his presence in my house makes it less empty. My voice doesn't seem to echo as much. Anyway, life is made up of little moments and memories. ^_^

Charcoal loves Ooshies. He loves to play fetch with Ooshies. So every morning, as soon as I wake up, he runs to grab an Ooshie and drops it by my feet and we get to play a game of fetch down the passage. I'll throw, he'll run and catch it, rush back to me and drop it at my feet. I did not know cat's played fetch. ^.^ It's pretty adorable.

I was playing some Red Dead Redemption 2, wondered what Charcoal was getting his nose into, turned around and there he was, in my cat handbag.

It is really, really nice to have a companion again. When I'm gaming, this is Charcoal's favourite spot.

If Charcoal lives as long as Aislinn did I'll be forty-eight. I wonder what adventure's life has ahead for this new beginning.

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