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Surge: Chapter Four

Disclaimer: I apologise in advance for any spelling/grammar - this is an entirely unedited Work In Progress and therefore my dyslexia will be on full display. ^_^; If I publish this, I'll get it edited, but for now, enjoy the very, very first rough draft - let's have fun!

Chapter Three

If you fall behind,

It is good to have friends to wait awhile with you. But what if you have no one. What then, do you do?

If you are alone on your journey, Remember, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars - they are with you.

Planet: Ghaliya

Spaceport: Celetris

Litin Empire

It became obvious rather quickly that Little Doc had performed the boarding process several times before and partook in it now with a sense of boredom and detachment. As they entered one of the conveyer rails leading into the Celetris, Tyrin’s own excitement drained away as the taint of negative, foul emotions from the litins bunched up around him focused on Little Doc.

The vernberni pervaded an air of nonchalant, but he was sure it was receiving the same fierce wave of hatred, distrust and disgust fixated entirely in its direction.

“How do you deal with this level of vitriol?” Tyrin murmured as they stepped off the conveyer.

“By sadistically knowing that they have no choice but to be treated by me or die. Truly, the Captain is a cruel sentient.” Little Doc flashed a grin.

Tyrin frowned. “Wait. So, you are telling me, on a ship this size, you are the only medical personnel?”