The Big Rewrite

Hello dearest Readers,

If you have jumped over here from my Facebook Dynasty of Earth and Stars Page - welcome! Hello! Thanks for dropping in to read/watch the video below about what's been going on over the past few years and why I've decided to go on a bit of a wayward journey - just to make it a longer journey that it already was.

So yes - it is a longer video - but I hope it will help explain some of my thoughts and reasonings behind why I decided to make such a big decision. It was a really big decision, and it wasn't one I took likely - to rewrite and split Key and Protectors - I almost felt like I was betraying everyone who had already purchased and read the books. All of you who have stuck with me through this whole ordeal, me promising to get more books out...


The fact is -

I really want to tell this story and I want to enjoy it, and tell it well, and do it in a way that I can do it and sustain it.

And I haven't been able to sustain it the way I was going about doing it, and because of that, I came to hate the whole process, hate writing, hate the industry and I basically gave up.

I really want to thank all of you - for sticking with me through this. I cannot even begin to explain what it has meant to see you at conventions, to talk to you, to just have a small connection with people who also enjoy stories. I really, really value your readership and I hope, I really, really hope that someday, when I present the last book to you...

That it will be a story worth having waited for.

You'll be seeing some changes on the Facebook Page - so - sorry if your feeds get a big clogged up with me mucking about. ^_^;; Facebook is really annoying for trying to clean things up.

If all goes well - fingers crossed - I'll be seeing you in November for Adelaide Supanova!

Again... I'm sorry to those of you who may feel I've gone backwards and I hope the video explains why I took this path, but, if you do have questions, or concerns - please - don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to chat about it all.

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