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The Mundane Life

My life is not a particularly interesting one, so I always struggle to find things to write about - even my personal journals have become annoyingly repetitive.

But then, truth be told, I am sure most folks can relate. Even if I was to fulfill my dream of becoming a wife and mother, I am unsure if the mundane would change, it would just change into a new type of mundane.

When I play video games I am the sort of player who enjoys doing the mundane tasks - like hunting, or building a house, or roads, or chopping wood, or just running from one end of the in-game map to the other, I'll try to find all the treasure chests and make it my mission to wander around finding the most random things to do - never actually completing the Main Quest. Yes, I am that annoying.

I love the mundane parts of video games as much as I love the adrenaline pumping death matches, and games that blend them both together get my tick of approval. Still waiting for my Nerve Gear. I'll be the first to step in line, thanks. (Hey, hey, no SAO hate here.)

So the other day I was outside on a very brisk spring day, weeding the grass. Yes. The grass. Gardens are very expensive things and I haven't got money for weed-killer, so I decided to just start pulling out the clovers in the grass. I got through three enormous tubs full of them. Every now and then I would pause and sit back on my knees. The breeze was really nippy on my nose and ears, and my hands were stiff with the cold. Everything ached - I am already having a flare up, so goodness knows why I was weeding - because I can really feel it today - but as I sat in the soft sunlight filtering through the Witch Hazel leaves I thought about the mundane peace of my task. This was like my video games. It was really similar to how much I enjoyed chopping wood. I could get myself lost in the task. My pain didn't seem to matter so much because it was just so engrossing. Now - I couldn't do it very long, and I was barely able to climb out of bed this morning because I just did some weeding...

So I feel really...pathetic about that...

But for a little while, I felt freedom in such a mundane task...

I don't really think I had a point to writing this blog - or to sharing this little nugget - but I think I am slowly learning to accept where I am in life.

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