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The Pot

Have you ever had a moment of instant regret, in which you know you've made a huge mistake the second after you do something.

I did that today, in which I picked up a giant concrete pot in my garden. These things weigh so much - I've never had someone else pick them up, so I don't know if anyone else could handle them better - but to me, I can *barely* move them. I have several, all of different sizes - left to me by the previous owner of my house.

This particular one is one of the largest and I had finally gotten around to painting it. To move it I had managed to heave it up onto my little cart and trundle it all the way into the front yard (hoping my beloved cart wouldn't break because this little wooden cart is all I have to carry heavy things with!) was an idiot and forgot I could only shuffle this giant pot.

Instead, I actually lifted the whole thing - and I mean lifted it - full on lift, back into it, lift it, turn, to set it down about three steps away.


Do you have internal dialogue?

I have internal dialogue.

It was at the turn that my internal dialogue started.

"Well this is a bad idea."

"This has gone very, very wrong."

"That's a wall."

"I am heading for the wall."

"I am tipping."

"I am falling."