Zinkx Illustration

Thought I might share the process of the illustration of Zinkx that I have worked on over the past few days. I fussed around on this one for awhile, wondering what I was going to do. Usually I draw my characters decked out in winter gear. I just have a weird love of winter clothing and I think it overflows into my characters outfits too.

However, Book One is actually set in Mid-Pennadotian-Summer, which is scorching hot. So, Zinkx would be more inclined to go topless than wear a heavy coat, as I usually have him decked out in.

I have a really, really old illustration of Zinkx that used to be my favourite - but - due to the Great Harddrive Death of 2009 - I have no idea where it is, or if I even have a copy of it... But it was a picture of Zinkx, sitting beside a Spider-Road Shrine, looking a little forlorn.

I figured I would recreate that illustration! Here is my first scribble-goop sketch.

This is a very basic hashing out of an idea. Sometimes I can do a ton of these until I get something I like. Thankfully, I managed to get something rather quickly -since I went in with a pretty clear image already.

This is the more detailed sketch. I layer this in colours. Blue is the first under-layer, in which I sketch in his body, muscle tone, or sometimes I'll even do a skeleton to make sure I have a "somewhat" accurate body. ^_^;; Much of my drawing is just me totally fudging it until I make it to be honest.

This is also where I decided to go for a "summer" look. There are many, many different regions (or Provinces) in Pennadot and they'd all be pretty unique - but both Zinkx (and Shanty) have aligned themselves with Pilgrims - or People of The Way - travellers of the Spider Road, which is basically an entire pocket culture inside all the provinces of Pennadot. One thing all Pennadotians have in common though, is a love of bangles, jewellery, necklaces, earrings and all such assortments as they can have meanings attached to them. You might get a bangle for each of your day or birth, or a hair-piece in one province to symbolise marriage, or farmers might wear anklets to show they're part of a union. A lot of the time folks would make such things themselves out of found objects, which therefore, have more personal meaning and stories. Zinkx is a skilled artisan - as noted in Book One, he is a fine leathersmith - and he loves to whittle away at wood. So I like to imagine he gradually get's a collection of things he makes himself.

This is my favourite part of the illustration process. I think I always loose a lot in blocking in the lineart and then shading. I haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong yet... ^_^;;

Maybe I need to experiment and make my lineart more sketchy? I could try that?

And this is the lineart. It's still okay, but I still like sketches better. XD

The final greyscale illustration. I feel like there are some bits I could tweak here or there - so I might let it sit for awhile and then come back and see what I think in a week or so.

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